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The Dooky & Leah Chase Collection

Dooky and Leah Chase worked together to develop Dooky Chase’s, the family restaurant established in 1941 into a New Orleans culinary institution. Mr. & Mrs. Chase are patrons and advocates of African American art and have helped to create opportunities for African American Artists to showcase their talents. Their collection, displayed on the walls of their restaurant, is considered by many to be New Orleans’ best collection of African American Art.

The dining rooms of Dooky Chase’s graciously display the visual gifts of African American Artists that range from world-renowned artists to artists that are just starting to share their talents. The Art Collection features artistic works from friends, admirers of Mr. and Mrs. Chase and of African American Artists that have inspired them.

Some of the artists featured in their collection are:

Elizabeth Catlett
John Scott
David Driskell
Lois Mailou Jones
Ed Clark
Mose Tolliver
Clifton Webb

Ulrick Jean Pierre
Frank Hayden
Ron Adams
Ron Bechet
Gustave Blache, III
Charles Hutchison
Winston Falgout

John T. Biggers
Jacob Lawrence
Bill Hutson
Gilbert Fletcher
Melvin Edwards
Samella Lewis
Bruce Brice

Sue Jane Mitchell Smock
Chase Kamata
Bill Pajaud
Richard Thomas
Bryan Thomas
Charles Simms

The Main Dining Room and Victorian Room showcases art from some of the most prominent African American Artists.

Mrs. Chase proudly describes the art displayed in the Gold Room, as her “Salon Collection,” as the pieces displayed range from folk art, to works that serve to personally inspire her, challenge or broaden the perspectives of others, or give the viewer a moment of reflection.

Mr. & Mrs. Chase were true ambassadors for the creative arts and encouraged and inspired artists to live their dreams.  Mrs. Chase testified before Congress to lobby for greater funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.

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